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With a Dominican and Cuban background. Gino has always had a passion for sports and fitness. He started sports at the early age of 9 with football,  around age13 did basketball, age14 – 17 track and field and cricket. Went back playing league football at age 17- 23. he has now developed a passion for helping others to achieve their goals of a healthy and active lifestyle. Realizing how important being fit is has changed my life.
Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, lose weight or tone your body, his specialties range from strength and conditioning to mass gaining and muscle toning/ cutting fat. Gino helps his clients to find their inner strength and push their limits by motivating them to keep going and reminding them that working out is not just a way to reach your goals but a means to a healthier lifestyle.
Being fit and healthy is not seasonal, it’s a lifestyle.
I’ve been weight training for 11 years and a certified trainer for over 5 years. As I continue to gain knowledge and experience throughout the years, I have learned to accommodate persons with different injuries such as knee, lower back/slip disk injuries, sciatica, psoas muscle and rotator cup immobility, while ensuring a safe, effective and injury-free workout. 


I’ve competed in my first bodybuilding competition in October 2021 placing the top 5 and obtaining 4th place position with the support from the Lift Studio team. Regardless if you’re doing a competition or having a goal for yourself. Cutting fat 13-14% bodyfat to 6-7% on stage is one of the hardest things I had to do in life. The amount of hours in the gym, endless food prepping, day in- day out, cutting social life, family, friends and just focusing on yourself to be in the best shape of your life is definitely time consuming.
Will I do more shows? Who knows!
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